True Music Forum

20 Sep 2017
12:30 UTC

Boiler Room and Ballantine's are incredibly excited to announce the launch of the second True Music Forum: a space for the international music community to learn, exchange and build new ideas. It will take place on 20.09.2017 in Warsaw, the day before the grand finale of the True Music global tour. 

The day comprises four live broadcast panels: The Music Media Landscape, A Lens on Poland's Scene, The Future of Sound and The Role of Artists. Beyond this, the Forum is an opportunity for our international guest list of emerging artists and new media to connect, create and build radical new coalitions. 

Role Of Artists

Role of Artists

40 days ago

This timely and pressing conversation is a close look at the ways in which our perceptions of artistic responsibility in this postmodern world are changing (or not). With increasingly loud artist voices from the underground to the mainstream, what role ought artists be playing in the re-shaping of our communities, if any?

Host: Jyoty Singh

  • Kojey Radical - Artist
  • LOUISAHHH - Artist
  • Grant Fleming - Filmmaker
  • GAIKA - Artist
  • Lafawndah - Artist
Future Of Sound

The Future of Sound

40 days ago

New creative playing fields were ignited with the democratisation of music software, birthing new globally connected networks of bedroom producers. In more recent times, there’s been renewed innovation in hardware with experimental laboratories and incubators like Abbey Road Red and Music Hackspace at the centre. This conversation brought together those at the vanguard of sonic exploration to ponder what the most long lasting new technologies may be and what the consequences on production and consumption of music might be.

Host: Peter Kirn

  • Xosar - Producer
  • Chagall - Producer & UX Designer
  • Nadine Raihani - Native Instruments
  • HRTL - Producer


A Lens on Poland’s Underground

40 days ago

This discssusion is a deep dive at the power dynamics and economic mechanics at play in Poland’s underground scene. Looking at everything from the relationship between Polish artists and the international community, the innovation in the mixed media landscape and the financial fortunes of artists taking a DIY or more traditional route through the industry, this will be an essential overview of the state of play in the Polish Underground.

Host: Rafal Grobel

  • Rosie Ama Cain - Atlas, Stamp The Wax
  • Tomek Hoax - Coastline
  • Gosia Plysa - Unsound
  • Philip Sherburne - Pitchfork
  • Maciej Zambon - Transatlatyk

Screen Shot 2017 10 11 At 13 16 44

The Music Media Landscape

46 days ago

Music's relationship with written, broadcast and digital media has long driven enormous cultural change. With the addition of social media, the pace quickened even further. More perspectives factor into the equation now, leaving a busy, reshaped field to traverse for fans and artists alike. This session will look at how this democratisation has altered the media landscape, music's capacity to shape society, and what this means for the industry's fortunes in the future.

Host: Gabriel Szatan

  • Aimee Cliff - Fader
  • Emilie Friedlander - Vice
  • Luz Diaz - Room 4 Resistance
  • Antonia Odunlami - gal-dem


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