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Julia Govor "Forgotten Cloud (Seth Troxler Remix)"

61 days ago

The next track on Seth Troxler's Boiler Room X Ballantine’s True Music EP is a collaboration with Russian producer Julia Govor — former resident of Russia's ARMA17 & one of the country's fastest rising exports. Julia's journey as an artist in Russia is near-unparalleled: military band performer to cassette DJ to one of the biggest underground residents in Moscow. As a memento of their time spent together in Russia, Seth has reworked her unreleased track "Forgotten Cloud" into a deep & dark club tool — swooning, minimal & effortlessly magnetic.

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Seth Troxler "Junkyard Tool (Renato Ratier remix)"

116 days ago

The first cut of Seth Troxler's True Music EP comes from Renato Ratier, founder of Sao Paulo's D-Edge & one of the most crucial DJ’s in Brazil's ever-growing electronic music scene. On Seth's track "Junkyard Tool", Renato has created a deep afterhours remix: dubby, winding & peppered with uplifting, nuanced details. Released with a music video shot at sunrise across Salvador's coast with a crew of local capoeira dancers, it represents both the unique character of the Bahian city and Ratier's position as an icon of Brazil’s nightlife.

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Maya Jane Coles "Round In Circles (Shlomi Aber Remix)"

203 days ago

The third and final remixer to complete Maya's True Music EP is Barcelona's Shlomi Aber, the Spanish powerhouse behind the Be As One imprint. Operative since the early 1990s, Shlomi reflects the history of Spanish rave & is one of the key figureheads to faithfully carry its torch today. His reboot of Maya's "Round in Circles" beefs it up to big room status: hoofing kicks, volleys of rave breaks & dark bending acid lines. 

Listen to Maya's True Music EP in full here.

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Maya Jane Coles "Trails (Nikita Zabelin Remix)"

213 days ago

The second cut from Maya Jane Coles' True Music EP comes from Nikita Zabelin, Moscow's foremost techno activist & the figure behind Techno Makes Sense, one of Russia's most vital underground movements. His rework of Maya's forthcoming album cut "Trails" is a dubbed-out homage to Maya's trip-hop origins, a down-key anti-techno arrangement blended with live instrumentation.

Listen to Maya's True Music EP in full here.

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Maya Jane Coles "Won't Let You Down (Culoe De Song Remix)"

277 days ago

Boiler Room & Ballantine's Scotch Whisky unveil the debut track from Maya Jane Coles' True Music EP: Culoe de Song's remix of Maya's album cut 'Won't Let You Down'. This is the first of three tracks harvested from Maya's tour across South Africa, Russia & Spain – a journey to support pioneering artists, culminating in a remix EP by some of her favourite artists around the world. The EP's first remixer Culoe de Song is – in many ways – Maya's creative kindred spirit: a nationally loved house hero in South Africa with a distinctively similar approach to music-making. Deep, lithe & minimal, Culoe's rework is a steady burner with a sustained release.

Stay tuned for the full True Music EP – coming soon.


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